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Form: 6
The theme of the lesson: Shopping list.
1) Revision of grammar and vocabulary through doing some exercises
2) Presentation and fixation of new grammar and vocabulary
3) Developing student’s reading, speaking and writing skills
4) Creating student’s interest to speaking English through doing exercises, answering teacher’s questions.

The plan of the lesson: I. Organizational moment
II. The main part of the lesson
1. Checking of the home task
2. Grammar revision
3.Reading and speaking
III. Concluding stage
1. Home task
2. Marks for the lesson

Procedure and stages of the lesson

I. Organizational moment

Teacher (T): Stand up! Good morning, boys and girls!!
T: How are you? What date is it today? What is the weather like today?

II. Main stage.

1. Checking of the home task.
T: What was your home task?

2. Our theme in our lesson is Shopping list.
Much and many
1. Much употребляется только с неисчисляемым существительными в вопросительных и отрицательных предложениях.
How much cheese is there in the in the fridge? I haven't got much money.
2. Many употребляется только с исчисляемым существительными в вопросительных и отрицательных предложениях.

How many children have they got? There aren't many people in the room.

There are a lot of apples

Exercise 5 Look at the picture. What is there in the shop?
There are a lot of apples.
There isn’t much orange juice.
There are a few mushrooms.
I can’t see any eggs.
Exercise 6 Work in pairs. Ask and answer questions about what there is in the shop.
Is there any orange juice? Yes, there’s a little.
Are there any mushrooms? Yes, there are a few.

Exercise 7 a Asel’s shopping list.
This is Asel’s shopping list for this morning. She didn’t get everything. A tick means she got it. A cross means she didn’t get it.
Greengrocer’s Chemist’s Baker’s
Apples tooth paste bread
Oranges tooth brush cakes
Pears aspirin rolls
Grapes soap biscuits

Look at the list. Ask and answer about Asel’s list
Did she go to ….?
Did she buy…..?
Your shopping list
Write a shopping list. Put a tick or a cross next to the thing on the list.

III. Concluding stage
1.Home task: Exercise 1-4 in your workbook
2. Marking students
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