авторы: zhannochka (21 қараша, 22:11 жарияланды)
Form: 6
Theme: Два вундеркинда.
Aims: 1) Revision of grammar and vocabulary through doing some exercises.
2) Presentation and fixation of new grammar and vocabulary.
3) Developing students’ reading, speaking and writing skills.
4) Creating students’ interest to speaking English through doing exercises, answering teacher’s questions.
Plan of the lesson
I. Organizational moment
II. The main part of the lesson
1. Checking of the home task.
2. Reading and speaking
3. Writing
III. Concluding stage
1. Home task
2. Marks for the lesson

I. Organizational moment

Good morning, students.
What day is it today?
What date is it today?
Who is absent?

II. The main part of the lesson.
1. Checking of the home task.

Ex.9 p.39 write about yourself:
I could ….but I couldn’t …….at the age of…..
2. Reading and speaking
Ex.10 p.39 Read two texts in two groups.
Group A: Ivan Mirsky.
Group B: Lukas Vondrasek.
Ex.11 p.40 Answer the questions about Lukas and Ivan:
a. How old is he?
b. Where was he born?
c. Where does he live now?
d. Who does he live with?
e. Does he go to school?
f. What could he do when he was very young?
g. Where was he last year?
Ex.12 p.40 Find a partner from the other group. Tell him/her about your super kid, using your answers.
3. Writing.
Ex.13 p.40 Writing. What is the same about Lukas and Ivan? What is the difference? Write similarities and differences in your copybook.
both Ivan
He is ten. They are both super kids. He is thirteen.
……………….. ………………………… ……………………..

Ex.14 p.40 work with a partner.
Student A – a journalist.
Student B – Lukas or Ivan.
Ask and answer the questions using the questions in ex.11 to help you.

III. Concluding stage
a. Giving home task – ex.10 p.39 to retell
b. Marking students
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