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Grade: 7
The theme: Australia
The aims:to introduce the students with new theme about Australia, to enrich pupil’s vocabulary stock; develop their habits in speaking, retelling.
Type of the lesson: new lesson
Methods of the lesson: explanation, question – answer
Visual aids: book, interactive blackboard, pictures of Australia

The procedure of the lesson

Teacher’s activity

Pupils’ activity
1. Organization moment
2. Good morning, children!
How are you?
Who is on duty today? Who is absent?
What is the weather like is it today?

To ask students about their spring holiday
Good morning, teacher!
I am fine, thanks, and you?
I am on duty today. All are present.
It is warm/cold. It is sunny/cloudy.

Now, I want introduce you our todays aim of the lesson.
At the lesson today we will:
- get acquainted about Australia;
- new words about the theme;
- ask and answer the questions;
New theme.
a) Brainstorming.
-Look at the picture and what can say about it?

-What is the theme of our today’s lesson?

The Commonwealth of Australia is a federation of states. It is situated in the south-west of the Pacific Ocean, occupying the continent of Australia. Australia is a continent-island washed by the Indian and the Pacific Oceans. Captain James Cook discovered Australia in 1770.
Australia has six states — New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria and Western Australia. Each state has its government. Australia has two territories — the Australian Capital Territory and the Northern Territory. Australia is a constitutional monarchy like Great Britain. The British monarch, Queen Elizabeth II, is also queen of Australia and country's head of state. 16 million people live in Australia. The capital is Canberra. The official language is English.
Australia also has a bad climate. The climate is better in the east and south-east, where most big cities have grown-up. But the northern coast has too much rain, and the western coast is too dry.
The whole central part of the country is dry; it never rains, there are no large rivers and no water there. So there is no very rich plant life in Australia, except in the east and south-east.
Australia is an important producer and exporter of primary products: wool, meat, sugar, fruit, black coal, iron, and copper, gold and so on.
There are 5 big cities in Australia: Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth and Brisbane. These cities are also the country's main ports. All the government buildings are situated in Canberra. About 300,000 people live in Canberra. Sydney is the oldest and largest city in Australia. It was founded in 1788. Sydney is a big industrial center. About 3 million people now live in the city.

1. Where does the Australia lie?
2. What is the official name of the country?
3. What is the capital of the country?
4. Who is the country's head of state?
5. What are the main products of Australia?

- Now I want you to retall me the text. What is the text about?
- What can you say?
- What new words did you meet?

III. Practice.
Now, next task is to make dialogue in pairs. Choose one of these cards

Card 1. Arriving in Australia
Use the words: an airport, from Kazakhstan, the Atlantic Ocean, 14 hours,
Card 2. Going to an Australian School
Use the words: education, a term, a uniform, mark, canteen,
Card 3. At the Museum
Use the words: cultural life, aboriginal art, a museum, students
Card 4. At the Taranga Zoo
Use the words: an exotic animal, wildlife, other zoos, koala, kangaroo, emu, dingo

Card 5. Weather and cities
Dry, rain, climate, Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra

Cinqwein. Now lets write a 5 lined poem about Australia.

Homework: Text
Conclusion: The lesson is over, good bye!

Kangaroo, the flag of Australia, the opera theatre of Australia.

Students read the text

Students answer the questions

Students make a dialogue

1. Australia
2. hot, strange
3. to discover, to settle, to develop
4. It’s situated in the Southern Hemisphere
5. The upside down world

Good bye, teacher!
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