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Date 7
The theme of the lesson Some facts about Canada
The aim of the lesson to teach pupils to speak about some facts of Canada, to form skills in monologue and dialogue speech, to enrich the pupils vocabulary on the given theme
Visual aids computer, interactive board, stickers, cards
Methods of the lesson individual work, pair work, dialogue.
Procedure of the lesson
Teacher’s activity
Pupils’ activity
Organization moment
Good morning, children!
How are you?
Who is on duty today? Who is absent?
What is the weather like is it today?

Checking up the hometask Good morning, teacher!
I am fine, thanks, and you?
I am on duty today. All are present.
It is warm/cold. It is sunny/cloudy.

II. Presentation of the new theme. (using presentation)
To show some facts about Canada
Some interesting facts about Canada

1. Canada has the longest line of sea coast on the planet – 244 000 km.
2. Basketball was invented in Canada.

3. Ice hockey –is the national sport of Canada. Hockey was invented in 1877.
4. Name of the country comes from the “Kanata” in the language of the local Indians. It means – “village, settlement”.

5. In Canada is a very beautiful nature and one can see many wild animals.
6. In 1841, Canada invented the first paper from wood pulp.
7. Canada –is the one of the leading manufacturers of cheese on the planet. Canadians produce about 350 tons of cheese per year.
8. Canada has the world’s largest indoor amusement park. Galaxyland Amusement Park- in Edmonton Mall is the largest amusement park, located in the building.

9. In Canada there is one of the world famous waterfalls Niagara Falls.
10. Beaver – is a symbol of Canada, almost as famous as the maple leaf.

Students read the text
III. Practice

Making questions. Students make questions. The answer will be written on sticker by every student’s back.

Making dialogues about Canada.

IV. Production.

Answer the questions
1. Is Canada the largest or the smallest country of the world? Where is it situated?
2. What are the official languages of the country?
3. What is the capital of Canada?
4. What is the flag of Canada?
5. Who is the official head of the state?
6. What can you say about the political system of Canada?
7. What is Canada washed by?
VI. Home task. To learn by heart about “Happy Canada day”
In Canada the time is right,
To smile at the world today.
For Canadians all love to dance,
And sing and work and play.
Canada so large and bold
With green pastures in peaceful spots.
Canada with regions cold,
In the beauty of vacant lots.
V. Conclusion. So, What have you learnt at the lesson?
Thank you for the lesson and being active. The lesson is over. Good bye!

Students ask questions

Students make dialogue

Students answer the question.
It is the second largest country in the world situated in North America.
English and French are the official languages of the country.
Ottawa is the capital of Canada.
The flag is called «The Maple Leaf»
The British Queen is the head of the state.
Canada is a parliamentary democracy and constitutional monarchy at the same time.

Good bye.
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