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Grade 8
Subject English
The theme of the lesson Flora in Kazakhstan, Great Britain and the USA
The aim of the lesson Introduce students with flora of 3 countries. To teach pupils to work creatively and get information while reading the text. To develop pupils’ reading, speaking and writing skills.
Type of the lesson New lesson
Methods of the lesson Individual, group work, question – answer, insert
Visual aids slides, computer, A4 sheets,
Procedure of the lesson

Teacher’s action Student’s action
Org. moment
Organization moment
Asking the date, day of the week, weather, training, dividing into 3 groups

Checking up the home task ex 1,2 p 87
The students answer the questions, divide into groups,
participate in training

Students will answer for the home task
Complete the chart
What do you know about the USA?
I know

The students will do the task complete the chart
Work with text
Group 1 Flora in Kazakhstan
The flora of Kazakhstan
The diversity of a flora of Kazakhstan considerably varies both by structure and number of various systematic tax ones of plants (species, sorts etc.), and by geography, in particular, by nature-climatic zones and high-altitude belts. In the plain part of the steppe and desert zones both diversity and peculiarity of a flora are increased from west by east, and in mountain systems - from northeast (Altay) to the southwest (Western Tien-Shan, Karatau).
In the Kazakhstan territory, more than 6000 species of highest vascular plants, about 5000 species of mushrooms, 485 species of lichen, more than 2000 species of seaweed, about 500 species of mushrooms are registered. The Red book of the Republic Kazakhstan introduced 387 species of plants.
Group 2 Flora in Great Britain
The flora of the USA
The U.S. has over 17,000 identified native plant and tree species, including 5,000 just in California (which is home to the tallest and the oldest trees in the world). About 3,800 additional non-native species of vascular plants are recorded as established outside of cultivation in the U.S. With habitats ranging from tropical to arctic, the flora of the U.S. is the most different of any country; yet, thousands of non-native exotic species sometimes affect local plants. Many plants are in danger of extinction. The U.S. passed the Endangered Species Act in 1973 to protect native plant species and their habitats. There are many national parks in the USA. In 1872, the world's first National Park [1] was established at Yellowstone. Another 57 national parks and hundreds of other federally managed parks and forests have since been based. The native flora of the United States has provided the world with a large number of horticultural and agricultural plants.
Group 3 Flora in the USA
The flora of Great Britain.
With its mild climate and varied soils, the United Kingdom has a diverse pattern of natural vegetation. The flora comprises 3,354 vascular plant species, of which 2,297 are native and 1,057 have been introduced. The island has a wide variety of trees, including native species of birch, beech, ash, hawthorn, elm, oak, yew, pine, cherry and apple. Other trees have been naturalized, introduced especially from other parts of Europe (particularly Norway) and North America. Introduced trees include several varieties of pine, chestnut, maple, spruce, sycamore and fir, as well as cherry plum and pear trees. The tallest species are the Douglas firs. There are over 1,600 plant species in the country. Some 107 species are particularly rare or vulnerable and are protected by the Wildlife.

Strategy “Insert” . While reading the text students put such signs:
“ V” - known information
“-” – not correspond with the information which I know
“ +” - new information
“?” - doubtful information, this information surprises me
(individual work, pair work , group work)
True, false statements
Flora in Britain
1. There are at least 1600 different species of wildflower in Britain.
2. The tallest species are not the Douglas firs.
3. 107 species are particularly rare and are protected.
4. There are also many species of algae and mosses across the island.

Flora in Kazakhstan
1. In the territory of Kazakhstan there are about 6000 kinds of plants, not including 500 kinds which have been introduced, cultivated and casually delivered.
2. Nowadays the flora of Kazakhstan totals 250 kinds of the plants adapted to the conditions of the dessert.
3. In the Republic there are about 800 kinds of plants, and each plants significance is included in the Red Book RK.
4. Black Saxaul is a low, woody plant without leaves.

Flora in the USA
1. About 3,800 additional non-native species of vascular plants are recorded as established outside of cultivation in the U.S.
2. The US includes about 17000 species of vascular plants
3. Some of the native US plants have not become extinct or extinct in the wild.
4. The native flora of the US has provided the world with a large number of horticultural and agricultural plants.
The strategy: “bus stop”
Write sentences (positive, negative, interrogative) using past perfect continuous tense. Each group write their own sentence, then read and explain its use)

Grammar exercises

a) He drives to work most mornings.
b) Joy will have gone by the time you arrive
c) I stayed at home and watched football.
d) At 8.15 a.m. on Wednesday I will be taking the children to school
e) It’s still cold as it has been snowing heavily.
f) The students were talking when the teacher arrive.
g) The radio was invented by Popov.

The students will read and translate the topic and explain each other.

Pupils do the grammar task on the theme Passive Voice
1. noun
2. 2 verbs
3. 3 adjectives
4. a sentence consists of 4 words.
5 synonym
Hometask Ex 1, 2 p 88
Fill in the chart
I have learnt I want to know

The students will write about what have they learnt and want to know

The students will evaluate each other and write reflection of the lesson
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