авторы: Merlan (30 наурыз, 02:03 жарияланды)
Theme of the lesson: Political system of Kazakhstan
Educational to present the words on the topic
• To consolidate the words and grammar (Word building);
• to practice reading the text;
Developing to develop reading, listening and speaking skills;
Bring - up to bring up patriotism and love for the Motherland;
Equipment: A computer, a whiteboard, the presentation «Kazakhstan is an independent state».
The procedure of the lesson
1. Organization moment. Declaration of the theme and the aims of the lesson.
2. Warming up. a). Look through the list of the words and underline international ones:
State, republic, independent, ideal, sovereign, capital, flag, emblem, important, center, anthem, sun, eagle, ornament, hope, president, symbol, shanyrak, custom, tradition, history, nationality, folk, system, control, star.
b). Practice reading the following words:
Constitution, the Constitutional Council, Parliament, the Majilis, the Senate, a senator, the Supreme Court, the judicial system, president, Prime Minister, referendum.
c). Match the word and the definition.
1.Constitution a). is a group of people who are elected to govern a country or a city.
2.Council b). is the main law of the country.
3.President c). is the lower House of Kazakhstan Parliament.
4.Senate d). is the leader of the republic.
5.Majilis e). is the upper House of Kazakhstan Parliament.
6.A senator f). is a member of the law-making senate.
7.The Supreme Court g). is an occasion when all the people of the country can vote on an important issue (question).
8.Referendum h). is the place where legal trials take place and where crimes are judged.
The keys: 1b; 2a; 3 d; 4 e; 5 c; 6 f; 7 h; 8 g.
3. Presentation of the words. Here are some new words for you to remember. Listen and read after me:
an anthem - әнұран
a coat of arms - елтаңба
a flag-staff - древко
a nomad – көшпенділер
a law - заң
intention –мақсат
to elect – таңдау
to appoint – сайлау
to implement – орындау
voting –дауысқа салу
4. Consolidation of the words.
Read the sentences and finish them using the words above.
1. A song which has a special importance for a country and is sung on occasions is an _________. 2. A star that is used by a country or people to go ahead is a __________. 3. System of rules that everyone in a country must obey is the _______. 4. What you plan to do is your __________. 5.To choose somebody to do a special job by voting is __________. 6. To choose somebody for a job or position of responsibility is ____________.
The keys: 1anthem; 2a loadstar; 3the low; 4 intention; 5 to elect; 6 to appoint.
5. Grammar consolidation. Word building.
You know that many words in the English language are formed with the help of suffixes. Look, read and discuss with your desk mate
what these words have in common; what they come from; what part of speech they are now;
translate them into Кazakh
1). Government, development, environment, parliament
e.g The words have suffix –ment in common. They come from verbs to govern, to develop, to environ and French verb parler. They are nouns now үкімет, даму, қоршаған орта, парламент.
6.Presentation of new theme «Political System of Kazakhstan».
I hope it will be interesting for you to know who rules Kazakhstan and some more facts about independent State. Read the text to get more information:
Kazakhstan is an independent and sovereign state. It has its own national flag, state emblem, and anthem. Astana is the capital of the republic and an important political center. The President and the government live and work in it.
The main law of the state is the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan. It was adopted in 1995. According to the Constitution Kazakhstan is a unitary state with a presidential form of Government. The President is elected for a five-year term by universal, equal and direct voting. The first President of the Republic Nursultan Nazarbayev was elected in 1991. Later in 1995 his term was extended by national referendum until the year 2000.
The highest representative body is the parliament of the Republic. The parliament consists of two houses – the Senate and the Majilis acting on a permanent basis. Parliament’s upper house, the 47-seat Senate, has two members from Astana, two from Almaty, and two from each of Kazakhstan’s 14 oblasts (administrative regions). The president appoints the remaining fifteen members. Senators serve six-year terms. The members of the lower house of Parliament, the 107-seat Majilis, are elected to five-year terms. The voting age is 18.
The government is headed by the Prime Minister. He is often given responsibility over the economy. Currently Karim Masimov is the Prime Minister in Kazakhstan.
The judicial system of the Republic is executed by the Supreme Court and the local courts of the state. Control of Constitutional laws is implemented by the Constitutional Council, which consists of 7 members and is elected for period of 6 years.
Currently Nursultan Nazarbayev is head of state. He effectively controls all three branches of the government.
7. Checking comprehension of the text.
a). Please read and say if these facts about Kazakhstan true or false:
1. The main law of the state is the Constitution. (true)
2. Kazakhstan is a unitary state with the presidential form of government. (true)
3. The President is elected for a four-year term by voting. (false)
4. The parliament is the highest representative body in Kazakhstan. (true)
5. The voting age is twenty. (false)
6. The head of the government, the Prime Minister, is often given responsibility over the economy. (true)
7. The constitutional Council is elected for a period of five years. (false)
b). Divide the text into four parts and give them headings.
1. Kazakhstan is an independent state.
2. The main law of Kazakhstan.
3. The parliament of the Republic.
4. President of Kazakhstan.
8. Homework: Read the text «Political System of Kazakhstan» again and retell it according to the plan above.
9. The results of the lesson.
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