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The theme : Happy New Year !

P1 Good day dear teachers ,boys and girls !We are glad to see you today .You are welcome to our party .

P2 Today we shall speak about New year .Every nation and every country has its own traditions and customs .In Britain traditions play a more important role in the life of people than in other countries.

P3 Kazakhstan has many different customs and traditions.The most important holiday of the year isіңғ Nauryz-the Kazakh New Year Nauryz is warm spring holiday when night and day are identical.

P4 During Nauryz Meiramy people clean houses uring Nauryz Meiramy people clean houses yards streets plants trees congratulate each other with New Year.If the people quarreled or offended each other last year they must and forgive each other.

P5 The main tradition meal of the holiday is Nauryz Kozhe.It is made of 7 component mear,water,salt,airan,wheat,rice and onion.Nauryz Kozhe is cooked by a family or a group of families.All grown-ups and children must eat kozhe or at least taste it.In fact this kind of kozhe is a wish a hope for the New Year to be success.

P6 This holiday is very popular like many other holidays in spring we celebrate.This holiday wishes and congratulates many people and say good wishes.

P7 Nauryz
We are glad and very gay
We all dance and sing and say
Welcome Welcome Nauryz day
P8 On Nauryz people sing,listen to musicians playing dombyras
and kobyz play Kazakh games«Kazakh» dance-group of girls.
Наурыз келді құлпырып,
Жасыл көрпе тіктіріп
Көктем нұры шашылды
Бәйшешектер ашылды
Наурыз тойға жиналды
Үлкен-кіші кәрісі
Күлкіге реніш айналды
Күніміз шуақ жайнады
Құрт-көжесін толтырды
Жұрт дәм татып толтырды
Ортаға күйді ән салды
Ойнап күліп жұрт қалды

On this lovely Nayryz day
All the people are so gay
Joking dancing having fun
Forgive their quarrels and reconcile
The main thing is of the Year
Nauryz kozhe-taste it
If you wish the happiness
To all people of the world.

``Where are you from``( song)6th from girls
British people have different traditions.They don`t work on Saturdays and Sundays,love countyside.On the New Year the First Foot must be a man who carries food,drink and a coal.The British like to queue,never shake hands,keep distance talking to a person.They are great tea drinkers.
Kazakh people have many interesting traditions.National food is tasty and various besbarmak,kuurdak,baursak,drinks-kumys,shubat.
There are many holidays in Great Britain.They are New Year`s Day,February 14 St.Valentine`s Day,March 17-St.Patrick`s Day,April – May- Easter,July 4 – Independence Day,October 31 –Halloween,the fourth Thursday – Thanksgiving Day,December 25- Christmas.(Each holiday is described in 2-3 sentences).
Kazakhstan holidays are New Year`s Day,March 8-Women Day,March 22 – Nauryz,August 30 – Constitution Day,October 25 – Republic`s Day,December 16 – Independence Day.

Song ``My flag``7th form girls
Modern Dance (5th form girls)
Song ``Happy New Year``
Fairy tales
``Turnip`` 6th form pupils.
``A house in the wood`` 5th form pupils.
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