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Asking home tasks.
1 – group. I’ve got the ball and I’m running towards the goal. The fans are shouting, ‘Come on, Joe !’ I’m not sitting in the classroom. Mrs Barker isn’t saying ‘Joe, you aren’t listening !’. We aren’t doing a chemistry test. I’m playing football in the World Cup !
2- group .Joe’s got the ball. And it’s a goal! The fans are shouting ‘We love you, Joe! Joe’s waving too, but he can’’t see her. She isn’t at the match. She’s watching it on TV. It’s the end of the match now. A photographer is shouting ‘Joe, look at me! ‘Two girls are saying ‘Joe come and talk to us.’Suddenly Joe is famous and everybody loves him.
1. What is the Present Continuous Tense ?
Affirmative Negative Questions
I am reading I am not reading Am I reading ?
You are reading You are not reading Are you reading ?
He is reading He is not reading Is he reading ?
She is reading She is not reading Is she reading ?
It is reading It is not reading Is it reading ?
We are reading We are not reading Are we reading ?
You are reading You are not reading Are you reading ?
They are reading They are not reading Are they reading?

Presentation new material. Vocabulary
A jacket - бешпет a coat - пиджак, пальто
A raincoat - күртеше a sweater –свитер
A top - шапан a skirt - белдемше
A dress - көйлек jeans - джинсы
Trousers - шалбар shorts - қысқа шалбар
Socks - шұлық shoes – аяқ киім
Trainers - спорттық аяқ киім sandals – сандал
Boots - бәтеңке glasses – көзәйнек
Sunglasses –көзілдірік gloves – қолғап
A belt - белдік a scarf- мойын орағыш
A hat - қалпақ

6. Let’s learn new words /Vocabulary 1/
Listen and read after the speaker
Bright red jacket - жакет ,
sunglasses - көзілдірік , tie - галстук ,
Jeans - джинсы ,
leather boots - бәтеңке ,
dark tights –іш киім
Shoes – аяқ киім ,
socks - шұлық , earrings – сырға,
Green shirt – жасыл көйлек ,
skirt - юбка , trousers – шалбар
T-shirt -футболка, light blue dress – көгілдір көйлек
4. Write ‘his’ or ‘her’ /Vocabulary / Activities 4
This is /her/ hat. This is /his/ hat. This is /his/ shirt.
These are /her/ shoes. This is /her/ blouse.
5. Let’s read the text. Text 1.Listen and red after the speaker
Jeans and trousers
Sweaters and shirts
Socks and tights
And jackets and skirts
T-shirts, shoes
High boots and mittens
These are the clothes
Of the kittens
2. Word work. Let’s read text .Activities 2.
What does Ally like to wear ?
Ally likes to wear /sunglasses/
Ally likes to wear / earrings/
Ally likes to wear / jacket/
Ally likes to wear /jeans/
Ally likes to wear /T-shirt/
Ally likes to wear /boots/
3. Word work. Let’s learn new words. /Vocabulary/ Activities 5.
Here’s your sister’s favourite doll. Write what your sister’s favourite doll wore yesterday ?
Yesterday my sister’s doll wore orange /hat/
Yesterday my sister’s doll wore pink /shirt/
Yesterday my sister’s doll wore yellow /skirt/
Yesterday my sister’s doll wore blue /shoes/
1. Which word is the odd one out ?
1. Coat hat ice-cream raincoat jacket
2. We him she they I
3. Socks shorts gloves stairs trainers
7.Complete the crossword

8.Conclusion. Check yourself. Test 1 and Test 2
Choose the proper letter and word
a. p b. r c.m
2. Jean__
a. c b. e c. s
3. Tro__sers
a. s b. a c. u
4. Sunglas__es
a. s b. e c. c
5. S_irt
a. h b. k c. g
6. Bo_ts
a. a b. u c. o
7. S__irt
a. h b. c c. k
8. W_-rdrobe
a. o b. a c. u
9. So_ks
a. t b. a c. c
10. earri_g
a. m b. n c. h
11. Ally likes to wear ___________
a. trrousers b. trouser c. trousers
12. Dana likes to buy____________ in the shop
a. clothes b. clothes c. clothing
13. Arsen likes to wear white________
a. shitt b. shirt c. shirt
14. There is a nice _________ in the shop
a. dres b.drress c. dress
15. These are the clothes of the ______
a. kitthens b. kittens c. kittens
Home task. Read the text’ Clothes for sports’
Repeat extra exercises at page 101.
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